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It's June Dairy Month!

June Dairy Month is a time to celebrate farms and dairy in Wisconsin!  A time to enjoy the statewide dairy breakfasts and more! An ultimate favorite in dairy is CHEESE, of course!  Our Dairy Department houses so many delicious local cheeses like Lynn Dairy, Hewitt's, Smith Bros., Bletsoe's and Nasonville Dairy to name a few.  And, don't forget the curds - a favorite for sure whether fresh and squeaky, or battered and deep fried.

Beyond cheese our Dairy cases hold everything from milk to creamers and sour cream to cream cheese....the list seems endless! And don't forget to enjoy ice cream during June Dairy Month.  YUM!! Get in for your chance to win gift certficiates to buy groceries this month!  Drawing is in our Dairy Deparment.


Health Mart Pharmacy is now OPEN!  Hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday, Closed Sunday.  We are excited to partner with them to bring our community a local pharmacy!  Call them directly at 715-721-6068 for your perscription needs.


Our hours are now Monday-Friday

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